WCADI is a world leader in customized irrigation solutions, with over 30 years experience in cutting-edge technology available nowhere else in the market. WCADI systems help you make the most of every drop and every minute, keeping pace with changing water requirements effortlessly and in real time.     

    *  Precise Hydraulic Design
    *  Fast Alternative Comparison
    *  Fast Solution to Complex Designs
    *  Option for Future Alternations
    *  Lateral Flushing
    *  Easy, Safe and Inexpensive Retrieval
    *  Built in Network Analysis (Ring System)
    *  Tools for Automatic Preparation of Bill of Materials
    *  Cost Optimization of Energy, Hydraulics and Piping
    *  All Data Demonstrated in More Than 30 Different Types of Reports

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The Lite edition will create a cost-effective smart design for small projects

The most complete irrigation design package for professional design

The popular Engineer edition used for medium to large scale design projects


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